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Effective technology solutions for the American public

Agile DevSecOps

Delivering innovative solutions with engaging customer experiences

Our Agile software development practice is built around a culture that uses modern technologies, delivers efficiently, and creates forward-thinking solutions that work. We use a tailorable Agile development approach based on best practices and components of Kanban, Agile, and Lean. We focus on the customer, delivering software and outcomes that meet mission objectives. By understanding the mission we build software with purpose.

Continuous Software Delivery

Our approach uses automation to consistently deliver tested, production-ready software that is secure by design. Delivering early and often improves customer satisfaction, lowers risk, and increases value. We work with customers across federal civilian and defense agencies to implement Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines that reduce the risks and costs that come from traditional manual releases.

Case Study: FEMA Grants Management

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plays a critical role in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. At the moment, the agency is undertaking a massive grants management modernization effort. This involves process and policy changes, organizational changes, system modernization, and new data management practices.

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Customer Experience

Delivering better software and improving outcomes

We build software for the American public. That means that it has to work for everyone, with a focus on the actual experience of the people it is meant to serve. We focus on the entire experience that our users have when interacting with our solutions - their needs and goals, their life circumstances that impact their interactions, the burdens and efficiency of their time, and their trust in the security of their data. We support this focus with leading technologies and best practices to provide an effective, seamless delivery model that incorporates empathic design throughout the entire lifecycle.

Human-Centered Design

Our human-centered design approach incorporates techniques like user research and observation, behavioral evaluation and usability testing, rapid prototyping and experimentation, and live experience measurement to help inform product delivery. We build and test informed hypotheses and iterate on solutions to achieve the optimal customer experience. By focusing on core design principles we aim to lower burdens and deliver a streamlined, equitable service experience to our customers across all communities.

Data Management & Engineering

Creating data solutions for informed decision making

The value of systems lie in the data they capture, analyze, or publish for the benefit of users and stakeholders. Our engineers apply data management strategies to derive meaningful information from data to provide actionable insights. We help our customers maximize the value of their organizational data without exposing it to potential threats.

OneGlobe data engineering solutions provide the mechanisms to securely bring data to where it can be used. Our engineers and architects are experienced at creating data solutions with the right technologies to solve complex problems. We have fielded secure data pipelines for real-time streaming, flexible big data platforms, analytics and visualization engines, and data distribution hubs that take the risk out of data management.

Data Security

We understand the risks and sensitivities that come along with handling our customers' data. We ensure that security is considered from the start. OneGlobe staff are well-versed in information security practices, and we closely follow published standards to keep data secure in transit and at rest whether on-premsises or in the cloud.

Cloud Services

Leveraging FedRAMP services to deliver resilient digital infrastructure

We have a proven track record of architecting and implementing secure and effective cloud solutions across multiple providers. Whether the need is for new, greenfield system engineering or legacy application and infrastructure migration, OneGlobe engineers apply best practices for the best outcomes. We focus on automated, secure delivery, using techniques such as Infrastructure as Code and Site Reliability Engineering, in order to meet mission needs with FISMA/FedRAMP High security compliance.

Amazon Web Services Partner

OneGlobe is an AWS Partner Network Advanced Tier Consulting Partner in the Public Sector program and Inaugural member in the AWS Public Safety and Disaster Response and competency program, reinforcing our commitment these missions.

Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionizing mission delivery with smarter systems

Harness the power of your data and gain insights and solve problems using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Using innovative technologies with practical implementations, we operationalize AI and ML on mission-critical workloads to make better decisions and improve mission outcomes.

Data Pipelines and Machine Learning

Agency missions often require using cutting edge AI and ML techniques to rapidly process ingested data streams and synthesize outputs. OneGlobe engineers and data scientists have extensive experience providing full ML lifecycle platforms for deploying, scaling, exposing, and transporting data to production-ready ML models and other AI services.


Securing critical workloads in today's challenging landscape

Building security into every piece of your analysis, design, development, and delivery processes is essential to coming out on top against hostile actors. OneGlobe employs the latest automated security techniques to secure, test, and continuously monitor for threats and vulnerabilities and build it into the DevSecOps CI/CD delivery from the start.

When a system component becomes compromised, a zero-trust security architecture minimizes risk to the greater system, its data, and the users of that system. Using the visibility provided by a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), engineers and security specialists can understand exactly what risk a discovered vulnerability could present. This improved visibility leads to faster, more targeted fixes.

Continuous ATO (c-ATO)

Obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO) for your software solution requires a thorough understanding of your threats and how to mitigate them. It's becoming increasingly common for systems practicing CI/CD delivery and DevSecOps operations to require Continuous ATO (c-ATO) solutions. Creating a secure monitoring environment and placing automated security scanning in your delivery pipeline creates a safer and more convenient security environment.

Process Automation

Streamlining processes and operations with efficient automation

Eventually, every process becomes complex enough to warrant breaking it into discrete, repeatable steps. That's where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into play. Rather than having human staff waste time on filling out the same forms, pressing the same buttons, and writing the same emails hundreds of times each day, we can deploy robot agents to complete all of these simple steps in an automated, quality assured manner. This eliminates manual bottlenecks from high throughput tasks and frees up humans to deliver value with their specialized skills.

Automate the busy work

Using chatbot interfaces combined with access to your system APIs, RPA bots can converse with users, process and validate their documents, and fire off system tasks with constant availability. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), AI natural voice generation, and security anomoly detection are breaking down the constraints around automation. We use these tools to help our customers identify how employees can be freed up so they can do the work that humans excel at.

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